Setelah sekian lama, Golden Software mengeluarkan versi terbaru dari Surfer yaitu Surfer 9. Bagi yang sering bermain di gridding, interpolasi, atau yang pernah tau IDW, Kriging, Spline dll pasti udah tau kemampuan software ini.

Di versi 9 ini Surfer menawarkan beberapa kemampuan baru (karena malas translate, jadi ini dicopy paste dari helpnya hehehe..) :mrgreen:

This is an overview of some of Surfer 9’s new features.

User Friendly


General Features

  • Add opacity to maps and objects: Control opacity for line, polyline, text, symbol, image, metafile, fill, contour fill, layers, foreground, and background.

  • Additional custom color control: Create custom colors using the standard color wheel, entering specific Hue, Saturation, Luminosity, Red, Green, and Blue values, or extracting a color from the screen with an eyedropper.

  • Easily move objects position/size: Enter new values in the Position/Size toolbar to accurately update the position and size of the selected object.

  • Compatible with more formats: Import and export more file types. New supported grid formats!

  • Easily change an objects shape: Reshape objects with more control.

  • Save time when selecting a [.CLR]: Specify a color file quickly from the preset drop-down list of [.CLR] files in the improved Colormap dialog.

  • See cursor coordinates instantly: See the X, Y, and Z (if applicable) coordinates of the cursor location in the status bar.

  • Improved label display: Trim exponential zeros in labels (i.e. display E+003 as 1E+3) for a professional display.

  • More examples: Use one of the new sample files to view sample [.SRF] projects and scripts.

  • More fill patterns: Use one of the 315 windows stock, high resolution image, and USGS fill patterns.

User Interface Features

Map Frame

Base Map

  • More control: Customize the properties of individual objects in a base map. Use reshape to edit individual polylines and polygons of a base map directly.

  • Empty base maps: Create empty base maps to manually add new geometry.

  • Easily change the source file: Update the file used to create a base map without recreating the map.

  • Save time with Georeferenced Images: Load a georeferenced image directly as a base map without the aid of a script.

Contour Map

  • More versatility: Export 3D contours to a [.SHP].

  • Increased efficiency: Optimized the contour generator to more efficiently find internal contours.

Post Map and Classed Post Map

Image Map

  • Control transparency of missing data: Set missing data to transparent in the image map properties. Set the image map colors to be partially transparent.

Shaded Relief Map

3D Wireframe Map

  • Easily change the source file: Change or update the grid file of a current 3D wireframe map in the wireframe map properties to produce a new map.


  • Increased  grid size: Maximum grid size per side increased from 10,000 to 32,767.

  • Save time with the grid toolbar: Use the grid toolbar to execute grid commands more efficiently.

  • More compatibility: Create a grid file directly from a database.

  • Create grids from images: Open images into the Grid Node Editor and save as a grid file.


Nah, gimana…. Ngerti khan fitur2 barunya.. Hohohoh (ini aja baru download).:p. Untuk harganya Golden Software mematok harga $699 dan $299 jika upgrade dari versi sebelumnya. MAhal ya, mahasiswa pas-pasan seperti aku pasti lebih milih duitnya ke perut… Hehehhe… Pertanyaannya: Aku mendapatkannya gimana?? Ada deh… :mrgreen: Tanya om gugel aja..